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Londin skyline from an ITNEA meeting  View from an ITNEA meeting, photograph by Majken Kruse

David Tebbs Associates provides its services both through David Tebbs and through David working with a number of individual associates.  In his work he is also associated or a member of a number of organisations and businesses.  It is such businesses rather than the general associates that are linked on this page as Associates.  A wider set of links to sites of interest from a corporate perspective or an Information Technology (IT) perspective are listed below the Associates

Associates Links


Merryck & Co (CEO Mentoring)  - UK Advisory Board member
Pittards plc Senior non-executive director to 2006
British Computer Society  (BCS) Fellow
The Institution of Engineering and Technology  (IET) Member
Royal Society of Arts  Fellow
Information Technologists Company (ITC) Liveryman,  Journeyman  Committee
Institute of Directors  (IoD) see:  Member
ITNEA,  NED and Chairman Association Founder,  Chairman
Majken Kruse  ABIPP  Photographer Photography Associate
Liles Morris Chartered Accountants
Chelverton House Consulting Associate
PBi Consulting HR and Counselling Consulting Associate
Intouchwithhealth Self-service technology in health care, for NHS Trusts
Shackleton Ventures Venture Capital Investments providing exits and additional liquidity web and email services Emails, domains and web hosting Web hosting and email services
Alex Odam Cinematography and Director of Photography
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Links and Resources

Corporate Resources  and  IT / technology / telecommunications / media related Resources

The sites linked below are those selected for their contents associated with ITNEA's main focii - "The board and corporate direction" and "IT, technology, telecommunications and related media industry sectors"

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Secondary Venture Investments Shackleton Ventures   3009

In Touch With Health  Information kiosks and website providing healthcare information


General and Photography Resources

Photography / wedding links have been moved to the Photography page; other links have been moved to the Resources page