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David Tebbs Associates (DTA) provides non executive and independent / non executive director, chairman, consultancy, mentoring and management services to its clients through David Tebbs and his associates. David has a practice of non executive chairman and director appointments and strategic consultancy assignments, including director mentoring. He is the founder and Chairman of ITNEA, the association for chairmen and non executive directors of listed companies in the technology and related media sectors, that provides networking opportunities for members and a focused advertising service for chairman and non executive director recruitment - search.  David is based near the London - Surrey borders and frequently travels on assignments.  He has 40 years experience as a CEO, executive director, non executive director and chairman and worked widely internationally and with both listed and unlisted companies in several sectors including technology, finance, manufacturing and as a trust chairman.  DTA associates have a wide range of business, management, finance and technology experience and many have operated on an international basis.

Majken Kruse   is DTA's photography associate and photography and tutor / mentor.  Majken is Surrey / London borders based, serving locations in Greater London and the Home Counties.  Alongside her British Institute of Professional Photography membership, she also qualified as a Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and as a Craftsman Wedding Photographer. 

DTA's main services include (links in blue) :   

Contributions to listed and un listed companies as Chairman, Non Executive Director and Mentor - through David Tebbs   

Mentor mentoring services for CEOs, Chairmen and senior directors, also to small businesses - David Tebbs and Associates

Management and Strategic Consultancy  to companies and other businesses - also see papers on Strategic Planning  (LRP) - David Tebbs and Associates

directors and chairmen meeting in London an ITNEA meeting in London

Advertising and Search for Chairman and Non Executive Directors provided with the ITNEA - director recruitment, chairman recruitment - DTA also provides support to businesses in their board recruitment processes.

Fuller details on our services can be seen at  DTA Summary, below, for a synopsis of services provided, and at the pages indexed from the left margin of this page.

For further information see: Contact details

DTA brings substantial experience in the direction of Technology (IT) and TMT companies, in the UK and internationally, to its projects, as well as board experience in finance and manufacturing companies..

Chairman and Mentor  

See page David Tebbs  for CV and current roles

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Global leader in cfd and spread betting with famously tight sprea

David Tebbs Associates - DTA,  Summary


David Tebbs, Chairman, leads the Druid Group through its listing on the London Stock Exchnage Druid Group achieve SE listing in 3 years from MBO.  4 years later taken over at 15,000% MBO valuation - chaired by David Tebbs

Non-Executive Roles, Consultancy and Mentor

DTA provides consultancy and management services to its clients through David Tebbs and DTA's associates. David has a practice of board appointments (chairman and independent director) and strategic consultancy / board mentoring assignments. Majken Kruse is DTA's photography associate.  DTA's other associates cover a wide range of business and technology skills and experiences.

Chairman and Non Executive Contributions & Management Consultancy,

DTA provides David Tebbs' services as a non-executive chairman / director and strategic consultant / mentor.  Projects are carried out on both advisory and mentoring bases.   David brings to his work substantial experience at director level (chairman, executive, non-executive and advisor / mentor) in most TMT sub sectors including large public companies, private companies and start ups; UK and internationally.  David has also worked in several other sectors, particularly finance and manufacturing.  For a summary CV  click: David Tebbs 

DTA works with a number of associate consultants who typically have substantial experience in both line roles and as consultants / directors in their field.  DTA calls on them both to directly serve client needs and to extend the areas of experience to which DTA has rapid call for its own assignments.

Management / Strategic Assignments   are provided drawing on DTA's Stratplan approach and the breadth of associates where required. Click Strategic Planning for more details on the service and for more general papers on strategic planning.


Where the prime need is supporting the development of, or issues facing, an individual some assignments are better undertaken on a mentoring basis rather than consulting or as a NED.  For more on David's activity in this area, particularly with CEOs, Chairmen and other senior directors, click mentoring

NED Search / ITNEA 

DTA directly helps clients in the development and assessment of candidates in and for senior roles.  A directors search / recruitment service (mainly Independent Directors / NEDs and Chairmen) is also provided though ITNEA's focused director advertising service.  David Tebbs is the founder and chairman of the ITNEA, an association for non-executive directors and chairmen in IT / TMT and other technology companies.  Client comments on this service include: “The response was fantastic.  I was approached by 12 people, interviewed 3 and met/meeting 3 more.  The quality of the people we met was excellent.  In the end we decided to go with A for the prime role and to retain B as an adviser/non-exec.“


For current reference papers see:


*    Strategic Planning in two parts:  Strategy paper 1 and Strategy paper 2

*    Web site marketing - a directors view  "maximising the useful hits" - see also my earlier paper at:  web paper at www.itnea.net

*    Planning your wedding day :  wedding photography 


International Businesses

Serving International Businesses

David has led as CEO and directed/supported as Chairman and NED a number of businesses with substantial activity on an international basis.  Strategic advice and support is given both to businesses entering the UK and UK businesses growing their international activity and overseas operations.  He has worked and travelled extensively internationally, with subsidiaries and branches in some 20 counties across 5 continents and serving customers in over 50 countries. He has assisted non UK businesses plan their move into the UK.  He has been a director of several companies based in other countries, across 4 continents - see examples  His associates have operated in many countries.


Several of the international businesses served are ones have established off shore operations in lower cost locations both to serve internal services and to provide off shore services as part of client delivery.  The first off shore services centre set up by David Tebbs was in the 1980s and it is still effectively serving its UK parent and clients in several countries.  He has since worked with several businesses offering or using off shore services into the UK.  His most recent directorship in this field is with a business using substantial off shore resources and now employs over 5,000 staff off shore.


Esher photographer for London and Surrey local scene in Esher

DTA works with Majken Kruse ABIPP  to provide photography services to businesses - events and PR photographs.  Majken also focuses on  portraits, weddings and social events.  Majken's practice is based in Esher, Surrey and mainly serves Surrey,  London and the Home Counties.  Majken also provides photography tutorials to professional and amateur photographers on a one to one basis.  Tutorials can include working with marketing staff who take photographs as part of their wider role.


For further information on non-executive roles, consultancy support, mentoring, web site support or photography in business:

email: David Tebbs                

tel: (+ 44) 08456447020 ,


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