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For UK professional photography DTA worked with Majken Kruse ABIPP, a London / Surrey photographer working in London and the Home Counties and whose focus on people covers both business and private occasions.  Click here for direct access to her site at   


Majken Kruse,  was an Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography and qualified as an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society as well as a Craftsman of the Guild of Wedding Photographers. She is a creative female photographer with successful practices in Surrey, London and the Home Counties.  Majken's main assignments are for PR and Business - Social Events, Wedding Portraits, Portraits, and Photography Tutorials / Courses  . 

Majken Kruse - Portrait Photographer:  

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Business portaits and PR                      business portraits


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Photography Tutorials by Majken Kruse


Photography Tutorials / Courses to improve your performance as a photographer

For professional and experienced amateur photographers and business professionals using photography as part of their work

Having learned the basics of photography most serious photographers will wish to improve their performance whether as a professional photographer or as a serious amateur photographer.  Both have similar objectives in improving the quality of the photograph they create.  However they work in different contexts and will thus have different focuses.  The professional will often work in the framework of a commission and have the need to produce consistent results.  He or she will also wish to develop the commercial aspects of their business and client handling.  The serious amateur will often work within a looser frame work sometimes more focused on getting the result and little concerned with the commercial context.

Majken Kruse provides photography tutorials to both experienced professional photographers who wish to refine and improve their performance and for those earlier in their professional or amateur photography career seeking to progress.

Once you have achieved a basic ability to take good photographs the next aim is often to improve your performance.  As an amateur that may be mainly about producing better photographs.  As a professional, or amateur moving to professional work, the photographic improvement may also be focused on achieving institute qualifications and may need to be complimented by aspects of handling subjects, clients and the business of photography.  DTA's photography affiliate is Majken Kruse - and experienced award winning professional photographer.  Majken provides one on one photography tutorials, tailored to you current achievements and objectives.  The process is flexible allowing for initial tutorials followed by subsequent sessions tailored to your availability and needs.  A special feature is the ability to call on Majken's help in small units of time (e.g. phone, email or visit) after the earlier sessions have been completed.  A core of Majken's process is for you to take photographs and Majken help you see how you can improve next time.  As an established professional photographer existing portfolios can be used within this process.

Most tutorials are provided at Majken's base in Esher on the Surrey / London borders.  The service can be provided at your location.

Full details of Majken and her services can be found at Photography Tutorials.

Tutorial topics may include: framing the photograph, selecting the context, light, aperture and timing, flash and fill in flash, handling clients in different situation, using pc tools and packages, filing and back up, terms of business and pricing, presenting photographs, portfolios and albums.  Majken covers a wide range of photography sectors - portraits, wedding, PR, wildlife, landscapes etc - areas where she has practiced.  While an experienced film photographer, Majken's work today is mainly digital.  Likewise most clients needs are for tutorials are focused on digital photography courses.



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