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This page focuses on DTA Strategic Planning services.  More in depth cover on the general topic of Strategic Planning can be seen at the two papers Strategic Planning 1 and Strategic Planning 2 which take a wider look at the practicalities of strategic planning.  The Strategic marketing of the businesses web site is addresses in the paper on Web site marketing


Summary Paper re DTA Planning services 

Setting and Achieving the Business Objective

In a world of change, strategic planning has an important role to play:

* Identifying issues and opportunities

* Setting a framework for shorter term planning

* Setting scenarios for future development,

* Standing back to look at the business

In the IT services industry strategic reviews and planning processes are valuable on an annual cycle with the process occasionally applied in response to the unexpected or the recognition of new opportunities and problems.

Historically, many long term planning exercises have been major absorbers of staff and management time and where consultants have been involved their time has been measured in many tens of days. This paper considers alternate focused approaches to strategic planning and DTAs contribution to the process.  It is crucial to carry out strategic planning on a scale proportionate to the business.  I have led such projects for companies down to a 3 people business.


 Experience in the IT industry has shown that while there remain situations where strategic planning needs to be a major exercise, most organisations need a slimmer process that:

* Involves relevant senior management and staff

* Is economical in the use of time

* Stimulates a fresh view of the business

* Absorbs experience from a wider base

* Produces and implements practical strategies

Many organisations, whatever their current planning achievements, need periodic improvements in the planning process, and/or special attention to address a scale or area of operation new to the business.

DTAs STRATPLAN is an approach to strategic planning that has been developed from the practical application of short and long term planning in the IT and general services sectors and mentor support to Chief Executives. In more recent years this approach also has been applied in finance and manufacturing sectors. Stratplan has evolved from practical strategic planning and the delivery of business success, over twenty years, in:

* Start ups and companies growing from 10 to 200 staff and from 200 to 1,000 staff

* Large organisations with revenues up to 200m with several thousand staff

* Divisions of very large corporations

* Over 150 role years of board contributions to company direction

* Over 40 strategic planning projects

* The implementation of strategic plans over several years

David Tebbs has applied the process both as a CEO, Chairman, NED and as a consultant


The strategic planning process is built from a number of basic steps and tailored to meet the needs of the particular organisation and its current issues. The approach allows for both regular cyclical planning and ad hoc planning events. The DTA philosophy is to carry out the planning process in a way that meets the following criteria:

* Fully involves the relevant management team and key other staff, or just a key executive

* Applies individual and team activities

* Limited call on key management and staff time

* Spread over time to allow flexibility in scheduling individual tasks

* Consultants contribute both to the process and to the debate

* Limited level of consultant time applied in flexible slices

* Consultant contribution to larger research and follow up tasks, only where needed

This approach seeks to ensure that the strategy developed is owned by the board/management team concerned, with the consultant contributing to the process and debate to maximise leverage and transfer from the external contribution. At times the process can be focused solely as a sounding board and input to the CEOs own thinking.

The DTA Stratplan Project

The shape of a Stratplan project is highly situation dependent. Some of the more common components are noted below. Please contact David Tebbs to discuss how this approach can be applied to your business.

* Agree Planning Objectives * Context and constraints for the process

* Develop strategic options and scenario* Establish/refine Vision and Mission -a team tool

* Inter meeting research and refinements * Objectives, strategies and Actions

* Plan the process and participants* Pre meeting task work

* Research options and planning* Scenario modelling

* Strategic analysis and assessment* Transition/implementation planning and team training


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